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DEUTZ Diesel Engines (for Generator Sets)

1. 1015 diesel engine
Designed by Deutz and featuring advanced technology, these generator set engines have a power range from 208kW to 500kW.
The generator engines adopt an inner oil-line and water channel structure that removes the need for external pipes that can lead to potential failures and efficiency losses. The service life of this engine is about 15,000 working hours. The single cylinder, single head structure make for easy maintenance. The special technology on the crankshaft, noise-dampening crankcase and accessory bracket allow the engine to operate at minimal noise levels (<96dB/m).The engine adopts an inlet heating device so as to maintain generation at temperatures as low as -35℃.

2.B/FL413F/513 diesel engine
This generator set engine features a four stroke, V-engine with a 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder design. The engine does not require a water-cooling system as it can reduce temperature build up through air dissipation. The engine also features a heating device to allow continued use in temperatures as low as -35℃.