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Outboard Diesel Engine

Engine Features
  • Great fuel efficiency: This engine leads its class in fuel economy, cutting fuel costs by about 30%. It maximizes working hours and reduces operating costs
  • High safety: Diesel is thicker than gasoline and doesn’t evaporate easily. It also has a higher ignition temperature. While gasoline ignites between -50°C and -20°C, diesel’s flash point is over 55°C
  • Strong Performance: The diesel outboard engine provides higher low-speed torque, a broader high-torque speed range, and more powerful acceleration. It’s perfect for heavy loads and towing
  • Environmentally friendly: Diesel outboard engines emit 45% less CO2 than gasoline engines. They also produce lower levels of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, ensuring more complete fuel combustion
  • Consistent fuel supply: Ideal for maritime use, it meets the uniform fuel supply requirements in the shipping industry.
Technical Data
Engine Type In-line, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke, water-cooled, turbocharged, direct-injection diesel engine
Fuel supply method Electronically controlled high-pressure common rail
Start mode Electric start
Bore × stroke 80mm × 92mm
Total cylinder displacement 1.39L
Rated power 60HP (45kW)
Rated speed 3850r/min
Fuel consumption under calibrated conditions ≤12L/h
1m Noise (sound pressure) ≤110dB(A)
Idle speed 950±50 rpm
Weight ≤ 175kg
Dimension (L×W×H) ≤ 870 × 480 × 1700mm
Electrical Systems
Generator power 200W/2kW
Voltage required for electrical system 12V
Battery capacity Minimum battery capacity required is 80Ah
Bracket Device
Stern height 590mm
Trim angle -4° ~20° (12° for ship plate)
Tilt rising angle -2.8° ~67°
Steering angle -35° ~ +35°
Driving Device
Shift position F_N_R (Forward, Neutral, Reverse)
Lubricating System
Lubricating Oil API Grade CF-4 and above; Capacity: 3.5~4L
Gear oil GL-5 85W-90 heavy-duty vehicle gear oil; Capacity: 610ml
Case Studies
  • Ferry boat in Hainan, 8m long and 3m wide
  • Small rescue boat,5m long and 2m wide
  • Emergency rescue boat, 5.98m long and 1.7m wide
  • Rescue boat, 6.23m long and 2.3m wide
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