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314KW DEUTZ Water-Cooled Diesel Engine

Engine Model: BF6M1015C-LA G3A
Gen-set engine performance data Engine Model: BF6M1015C-LA G3A
Control Systems: mechanical / electronic Power: 282KW No. of cylinder: 6
Aspiration Mode: Turbocharged Inter-cooling Method: CAC
Cylinder Type: One-cylinder-one-head Displacement: 11.906L
Cylinder Arrangement: V-form 90° angle
Rotation speed and power
Rotation Speed Specification 1500rpm 50Hz
Power 282KW
Effective Pressure 23.1 bar
MAX. exhaust gas temperature 520℃
Charge air temperature 194℃
Inlet air (25℃/1000mbar) 1432 m3 /h
Emission 1720 kg /h
1.While engine under testing, fan and alternator not included.
2. According: ISO3046-1
Engine Data:
Dry weight kg 850
Max. engine width mm 931.7
Max. engine length mm 1043.1
Bore mm 132
Stroke mm 145
Compression ratio
Rotation direction (View from flywheel)
Flywheel housing
14 "
No. of flywheel teeth
Engine support
Max. noise value at 1m (left and right sides of engine) dBA ≤94
Power decrease value:
By increasing per 100m while exceeding an altitude of 1000m

Power decrease value:
By increasing per 10 ℃ while exceeding a temperature of 30 ℃

Battery voltage V 24
Starter rated power kW 9
Generator Capacity A 55
Generator voltage V 28.5
Max. exhaust backpressure mbar 50
Max. allowable air inlet resistance mbar 50
Turbocharger inlet size mm 122
Turbocharger exhaust flange connect bolt
Turbocharger exhaust flange inner diameter size mm 117
Lubrication system:
Min. oil pressure at 1500rpm (oil temperature 90℃) bar ≥3
Min. oil pressure at 600rpm ( oil temperature 90 ℃ ) bar ≥1
Oil consumption rate
<0.3% of fuel consumption
Oil pan
Flywheel side
Oil pan inclination ° 30
Initial oil filling L 38
Oil filter element type
Disposable filter
No. of oil filter element
Cooling System:
Engine coolant capacity L 17
Water-pump flow L/min 260
Water-pump pressure bar 1.25
Allowable pressure loss of cooling system (include pipeline) bar ≤0.35
Heat carry off by coolant kW 158
In & Outlet coolant size mm 70
Temperature of switch on two thermostats respectively 79/87
Temperature of switch on two thermostats totally 94/102
Max. allowable operating temperature 103
Temperature difference between inlet and outlet coolant ≤8
Inter-cooler cooling power kW 64
Charge air outlet size mm 90
Exhaust type
Fan connection
Gear drive + coupler
Fan diameter mm 880
Air volume of fan m3/s 4.6
Fan power consumption kW ≤14
Fan transmission ratio
Cold starting system:
Lowest ambient temperature of cold starting without assistant
(standard configuration)
Lowest ambient temperature of cold starting with flame preheat plug -32
Fuel System:
Cylinder ignition sequence
1-6-3 -5-2-4
Idle speed rpm 600±50
Low-pressure pump oil load capacity L/h 190
Fuel filter element type
Disposable filter
No. of the fuel filter element
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