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285KW DEUTZ Water-Cooled Diesel Engine

Engine Model: BF6M1015C-LA G2A
Gen-set engine performance data Engine Model: BF6M1015C-LA G2A
Control Systems: mechanical / electronic Power: 285KW No. of cylinder: 6
Aspiration Mode: Turbocharged Inter-cooling Method: CAC
Cylinder Type: One-cylinder-one-head Displacement: 11.906L
Cylinder Arrangement: V-form 90° angle
Rotation speed and power
Rotation Speed Specification 1500rpm 50Hz
Power 285KW (PRP)
Effective Pressure 19.1 bar
MAX. exhaust gas temperature 485℃
Charge air temperature 163℃
Inlet air (25℃/1000mbar) 1170 m3 /h
Emission 1500 kg /h
1.While engine under testing, fan and alternator not included.
2. According: ISO3046-1
Engine Data: 1500rpm
Dry weight kg 850
Max. engine width mm 931.7
Max. engine length mm 1043.1
Bore mm 132
Stroke mm 145
Compression ratio 16.5
Rotation direction (View from flywheel) Anti-clockwise
Flywheel housing SAE1
Flywheel 14 "
No. of flywheel teeth 167
Engine support Rigid
Max. noise value at 1m (left and right sides of engine) dBA ≤94
Power decrease value: By increasing per 100m while exceeding an altitude of 1000m ≤0.90%
Power decrease value: By increasing per 10 ℃ while exceeding a temperature of 30 ℃ ≤4%
Battery voltage V 24
Starter rated power kW 9
Generator Capacity A 55
Generator voltage V 28.5
Max. exhaust backpressure mbar 50
Max. allowable air inlet resistance mbar 50
Turbocharger inlet size mm 122
Turbocharger exhaust flange connect bolt 4×M10
Turbocharger exhaust flange inner diameter size mm 117
Lubrication system:
Min. oil pressure at 1500rpm (oil temperature 90℃) bar ≥3
Min. oil pressure at 600rpm ( oil temperature 90 ℃ ) bar ≥1
Oil temperature of normal operation < 130
Oil consumption rate <0.3% of fuel consumption
Oil pan Flywheel side
Oil pan inclination ° 30
Initial oil filling L 38
Oil filter element type Disposable filter
No. of oil filter element 1
Cooling System:
Engine coolant capacity L 17
Water-pump flow L/min 260
Water-pump pressure bar 1.25
Allowable pressure loss of cooling system (include pipeline) bar ≤0.35
Heat carry off by coolant kW 158
In & Outlet coolant size mm 70
Inter-cooler cooling power kW 64
Charge air outlet size mm 90
Temperature of switch on two thermostats respectively 79/87
Temperature of switch on two thermostats totally 94/102
Max. allowable operating temperature 103
Temperature difference between inlet and outlet coolant ≤8
Fan Exhaust type
Fan connection Gear drive + coupler
Fan diameter mm 880
Air volume of fan m3/s 4.6
Fan power consumption kW ≤14
Fan transmission ratio 0.96
Cold starting system:
Lowest ambient temperature of cold starting without assistant (standard configuration) -17
Lowest ambient temperature of cold starting with flame preheat plug -32
Fuel System:
Cylinder ignition sequence 1-6-3 -5-2-4
Idle speed rpm 600±50
Low-pressure pump oil load capacity L/h 190
Fuel filter element type Disposable filter
No. of the fuel filter element 2
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