A. Faster lead time:
As for 10-600KW gensets or engines+radiator/alternator, the leadtime is 20 days.
As for 640-1000KW gensets or engines+radiator/alternator, the leadtime is

B. Quicker response:
We can reply all customers’ emails within 24 hours.

2. What our customer is worried:
A. a. One year b. 50000 KM c. 1000 running hours (whichever comes first)

B. If the goods are broken not due to the quality within the above-mentioned warranty period, e.g. wrong operation and maintenance, fierce/worse working situation, or broken after the warranty period, the customer can also notify Huachai. Huachai will help to solve the problem, but the seller will not afford the loss incurred.

C. Within the warranty period, if the customer confirms that the goods are broken due to the quality, please notify Huachai of the goods’ serial number (nameplate), fault features by email or call and protect the scene/site, then Huachai post-service department will provide in-time warranty service. Because the distance between each is too far, so we will mail out the new spare parts to you within half a month.

Spare Parts BFM1015
Operation/Maintenance BFM1015

If a problem occurs when you use the engine, please let us know and provide us with the following information: engine number, problem statement, exact location and pictures etc.

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